Ensure The Common Functionality And Features Of The Multi-Tenant PBX Mobile App

 THE multi-tenant PBX app delivers a voice with video, chat/group chat, and other additional functions, which will be discussed below. This app is built with an updated modern telephony setup and is easy to maintain. Customers can obtain multiple services and develop overall productivity so the customer can feel free to install and run such an app over a mobile device to save cost and time. It can be simple to admin centralized service for different branches and offer the enterprise level of phone systems that make better comfort to provide great support at all times.

 Multi-Tenant PBX lets it serve multiple independent tenants, business people across different places, and user organizations. With the help of the mobile app, VOIP offers audio, and video callings support, which is more useful for driving high traffic. Then it assists in developing and retaining existing users from various parts of the world.

 Multi-tenant PBX OTT mobile app for business people:

  • It allows multiple corporate clients domain registrations with a single application.
  • Each business people have their wish extension. If the staff log in with their extension, they can find all their company extension IDs as a centralized contact.
  • The user assign DID number to a business client. If some people call the DID number, the call will forward to the extension registered in any iPhone device or Mobile app.
  • Users can receive and make calls on the business number, and it does not matter whether you are in the office or outside.
  • This app can chat with colleagues over its inbuilt software, and the user need not want to hire a third-party app.

The Multi-Tenant PBX app boosted with different functionality, such as

  • Multi-tenant
  • HD videos conference
  • IM/Group chat
  • File / Doc Sharing
  • Call forwarding
  • Music on hold
  • Voice mail
  • DID manager

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