The best benefits of multi-tenant PBX OTT mobile app

multi-tenant PBX is a modern technique that uses VoIP technology and is created to sustain numerous residents on a single medium. It establishes centralized management by permitting transformation at various classes of use approval for numerous users. ISPs and ITSPs can use a lever multi-tenant IP PBX software to customize the resolution for various tenants. It even improves business communication abilities by presenting progressive characteristics such as conference calls, forwarding calls, parking, etc.

  • Enriches functionality via evolved features

Multi-Tenant PBX software presents numerous characteristics, such as caller ID, call transfer, and conference calls, to present additional contact abilities for your company. It delivers typical DID service and executes self-service choices via a multi-level IVR technique. It\’s a powerful instrument for installing an order to enhance your corporate design.

  • Streamlines administration

A traditional PBX phone technique may bring everything in a single application. You can provide or assign the number called DID individually. The calls will be registered in the mobile application. You can also make or receive the calls through video, choice, or conference call through these numbers. 


Constructs a cohesive force without interference

As multi-tenant PBX software enables more authority over the administration, a company can separate the authorizations, appointments, call logs, and databases for separate tenants. Regardless, the admin can access a summary of all the tenant\’s call details records (CDRs). Thus, it enables a cohesive design via better control of business contact.

  • Enhances data security with privacy

Business information privacy has evolved into a crucial factor for every company. Businesses must guarantee the highest security standards for safeguarding their data. Multi-tenant PBX design arrives with multiple security keeping. Moreover, the conference voice and video calls are secured with the PIN and can transfer the present calls to the conference calls. 

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