Unrestricted Access to All Multi-Tenant Tools and Value-Added Services

The Multi-Tenant PBX offered by Teletalk makes it possible to provide service to several independent tenants, user groups, and enterprises situated in any part of the world. VoIP service providers are able to offer Media Sharing, Audio-Video Calling, and a great number of other helpful services thanks to the utilisation of Multi-Tenant PBX and Multi-Tenant OTT Mobile App. These technologies enable VoIP service providers to attract new users, expand their user base, and keep the customers they already have.

  • integrated over-the-top (OTT) multi-tenant mobile application and multi-tenant private branch exchange ( For Corporate clients users )
  • The administration of many domain registrations for business customers inside a single application.
  • When a worker signs in with their extension, they will be able to see all of the other extension numbers for their firm as centralised contacts. 
  • Each and every one of the Corporate Clients will get their own Extension (such as 101, 102, 103, 104, etc.).
  • You are able to provide each of your corporate clients with their own dedicated direct inward dial (DID) number. 
  • When a call is placed to that DID number, the incoming call will be sent to the extension that is registered in any iPhone device or mobile app. This may happen regardless of whatever device or app was used to register the extension.
  • Mobile application with phone and video conferencing capabilities, as well as chat and group messaging capabilities, for usage inside the firm Access the business extension from any place and take benefit of its features.
  • Regardless of whether you are physically present in the office or not, you are able to make and receive calls on your business number.
  • Because you are now able to have chats with your colleagues on your very own app that was built in, you are no longer need to use an app that was developed by a third party.

Teletalk Apps plans to provide customers with telecommunications solutions that are not only highly interactive and completely cost efficient, but also make use of the most recent technological advancements in order to ensure that customers receive the highest possible return on their investments.

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