Why Should You Use a Multi-Tenant PBX?

Over the last decade several companies across different industries have slowly focused on unified communication systems to manage their business structure. However the covid-19 pandemic gave a much solid boost to the popularity of this system in just a few months. Phone systems like the Multi Tenant PBX can offer you much better features & convenience. Many companies came to realise that the use of Unified Communications Software can help to bring more efficiency and productivity. The global IP PBX market is all set to cross the $7.7 billion by 2025 due to its huge demand.

Let\’s find out the top reasons why you should use a Multi-Tenant PBX System in 2021.

Advanced Features – the Multi-Tenant PBX system offers a whole lot of additional features to the users across all platforms. Some of these include call waiting, caller ID, call parking, call pickup, call transfer, and conferencing. On top of that you also get regular DID support and IVR. A multi-tenant software is built to provide an efficient hierarchical organization. That is the reason why you get a wide range of resources that can help you to enhance your business structure with much more efficiency. 

Revenue generation – service providers have the ability to offer White Label Mobile Dialer and IP PBX as a service to the people out there. It is a multi-tenant network which helps to offer better security and confidentiality for all the sub-tenant in the system. The main provider can reappointment the resellers and define rate structure based on the CDR, billing, and payment. The ability to generate revenue is one of the top reasons why multi-tenant PBX systems have become so popular these days.

Billing and payment – billing and payment are two essential tasks that need to be addressed in every kind of business. When a business has several hundreds of users, it can become really difficult to manually create a bill and ask them for the payment. The IP PBX System is a great help in this matter. It can easily create a bill and offer a wide range of payment methods to the users depending on their preferences. The service providers can fix the rate and send the bill to the customers at the end of the month.

Offers more convenience – last but not the least, an auto dialer or IVR System offers much better convenience to business owners. They can get access to a wide range of features which can definitely help them expand their business and keep track of their payments. The use of a Multi-tenant PBX system is a great way to ensure better security and privacy as well. So, you can be sure that your data and confidential resources are safe at all times.
Final Words – these are the top reasons why we believe that you should be using a Multi-Tenant PBX Campaign System in 2021. Make sure to get in touch with a good PBX system provider and ask them for their service. Visit this website to get the best PBX services https://www.teletalkapps.com/ippbx-system/

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